a slight overreaction

I suppose you could say Stanley
is more or less manly
(if by manly you mean
a white fur coat & tiara-wearing drama queen)

for example

he sprawls most of the day in his basket
snoring like a tractor that’s blown a gasket
on half a dozen pillows and throws
he’s made into a nest with his paws and his nose
and lies as still as a mammoth that froze
and was lost
in the furniture-scattered permafrost
sometime around the palaeolithic
(sorry I can’t be more specific)
till he jumps up howling, horribly distressed
so loud you go into cardiac arrest
and wonder what the hell coulda happened
to make him suddenly so impassioned

and d’you know what made him leap off the floor?
he scratched his ear too hard with his paw

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