round & round

Jacob Rees-Mogg is now Minister for Haughty Guffawing, Braying and Hooraying
Nadine Dorries is Secretary for Suspicious Swaying
Priti Patel has gone to Hell
with special responsibility for the Styx as well
Rishi Sunak is Minister for Tricks
Hancock – Minister for Pricks
Michael Gove has moved to Mordor
Liz Truss is Minister for Striding Down a Corridor
Dominic Raab is Lord Chancer and Secretary in a State
Sajid Javid is Minister for Stand in a Line Keep Quiet and Wait
Kwasi Kwarteng crossed himself and knelt down
to be Minister for Business, Energy & Industrial Meltdown
Nadhim Zahawi is Minister for Lunches with at Least Four Courses
half the budget for the heating of horses
but still at the head of this dreadful government
Clown in Chief of Sleaze & Befuddlement
The Right Dishonourable Boris Johnson
(and if he’s a Prime Minister I’m Gloria Swanson)

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