george jaws

They get on the train when we stop at Gatwick
an elderly couple with hats and sticks
no bags or cases, which is a blessing
so I’m guessing
they haven’t just flown in
and the man has a phone in
his other hand
so he’s good to go when they land
in the seats next to me
and smile when I move my bags apologetically
then carry on their conversation:
….every day another one taken…
…Great Whites, Tigers, Hammerheads, Bulls
people don’t care and the beaches are full
Trouble is, they go to these far flung countries
ignore the warnings and act like numpties
they’re just not used to creatures like that
who treat you like a fancy snack
that’s why I packed up
the mortuaries are stacked up
the first thing you gotta do every morning
is go to the pool and take off the awning
to see if a crocodile slid underneath
‘cos it’ll make short work of your legs with them teeth
the last thing you want is to lose a limb
when you’re just nipping out for an early swim
look at this! see what I mean?
he turns his phone to show her the screen
and even though I’m reading my book
I can’t resist a sneaky look:
the picture of a shark rising up looking awful
the kinda teeth you’d see in a sawmill
imagine that coming up in your bath
it wouldn’t take much to bite you in half
she covers her mouth, says oh my lord
I don’t know how you coped with it, George

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