international dog day

wave your paws in the air
like you don’t care
from the sofa to the park
to the top of the stairs
come stop and talk to us
clip on a lead and walk with us
or get down on the carpet
I’m ready to play jes’ start it
do hide the octopus, man, I heart it
octopus! octopus!
he’s one leg down get the doctopus
it ain’t no shock to us
all that tossin’ and shakin’
there ain’t no mistakin’
the daily damage he’s takin’
what I’m sayin’
is that sweet, SWEET lil’ octopus
he totally rattles & rocks with us
he makes my life complete
from his googly eyes to his seven cute feet
his squeak so sweet
when I chews him he speaks
ain’t no toy can compete
I give him my paw
he’s an honorary claw
for DAMN sure
so c’mon
we’re done
go get me a treat
toss a biscuit in the basket
or some cheese to eat
it’s international dog day
and so far, anyway
if you gave me a damn survey
you wouldn’t see too many stars, let’s say

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