captain’s log

twelve years of tories and the country in shit
still there are people voting for it
which goes to prove if anything does
when push comes to shove
from the riot police
kettling the streets
keeping the peace
with a baton, a tazer and a pepper spray apiece
you can lead a horse to water
but if it won’t drink shoot it
just nature’s way
of saying reboot it

whaddya mean, that hurts?
it’s elementary captain kirk
you signed the contract, took the work
boldly going, etcetera, (jerk)
zero hours contract, phasers on stun
blasting just about everyone
whacked out on fancy mojitos
photon torpedoes
floating in a hot tub in star fleet speedos
you think the klingons care?
they know your crew’s through and your ship needs repair
you’ll need more than shields
with the star fields
so comprehensively bought and warped
at the end of the day you’re basically just transport

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