I could see a guy with a border terrier
on the path that leads to the woods
as walkers go they looked superior
an ad from a site for survival goods

the dog had a swagger that made me doubt him
the man wore a khaki cap
like they both went in for venture scouting
knotting badges, stuff like that

the two of them strode ahead to Valhalla
in fluorescent harness & Gore Tex boots
and discretion being the better part of valour
me n’Stan took a different route

I quickly realised my mistake
the path led off into thickets
Stan trailed sulkily back in my wake
every dog has its limits

I felt like a prince in a fairy tale
a brave and dauntless searcher
with shorts instead of a suit of mail
and instead of a horse a lurcher

we fell out onto open ground
an unexpected area
and there were the two of them up on a mound
monument to man and terrier

we took the wrong turn I said and laughed
feeling a little rattled
ah yes he said the fork in the path
you took the prong less travelled

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