status update XXXII

It’s the Season of Sorry, the Year of The Splat / the country in chains, the Cat in the Hat / dreaming of heating & stuff like that / while traders call waiters with finger snaps / for fat cigars and a round of schnapps / chin chin old boy for the cool collapse / stuffing their pockets with Scooby snacks / while politicians lube-up, ready to practise / on the people least able to bear the taxes / okay, relax – this won’t hurt / we’ll go nice n’slow as we lovingly convert / public services to public desert / and we do so thank you for your effort / yeah? been there, done that, got the t-shirt

I’m a pay rise in amber, a fossilised note / I’m a stand-in Lansbury on Murder She Wrote / the iceberg lettuce that sank the boat / eeny, meeny, minority vote / lock the gates and fill the moat / pack off your children somewhere remote / in God we trust but the rest we yoke / and greed thereto I plight thee my troth / fetch more butter ‘cos I think we’re toast

thought police don’t stop for lunch / a ham baton and a chocolate crunch / too busy being the worst of the bunch / ceaselessly waging their war on woke / cos truth’s in dispute and history’s broke / and not for the likes of you ordinary folk / certain words’ll make you choke / so stick to McFacts and Diet Coke / and try to sound a little more stoked / and whatever you do, don’t provoke us / hold that shit and stay focused / think of the positives / we’ll take care of where the profit is / (offshore accounts and safe depositories)

I’m a sarky old soak, a sneaky insider / a hot ghost laughing in the hadron collider / cackling we’re fifteen seconds from disaster / technicians sneering & saying who asked her

I’m too bright to look at, too rich to tax / handshakes, signatures, sealing wax / a corporate snort in a kevlar tux / putting on lippy on the lip of the vortex / but don’t freak out, don’t stress your cortex / take to the floor and I’ll show you some more steps / you can zumba with zombies, waltz with the dead / cha cha with changes and ballet with bread / we sympathise with how you’re feeling / now leave us alone for some insider dealing

I’m Wile E. Coyote running off the canyon / flapping his arms looking straight to camera

6 thoughts on “status update XXXII

      1. It is! Thanks for asking! I’m sorry about Truss…she did Everything that our Republican Party has been trying to do for years and we all now know how well that works…Has that been pointed out in the US media? Of course NOT 🤨 I voted early in our midterms yesterday. The only potential plus here in Georgia is that this year’s early vote numbers have dwarfed past midterms AND even 2020 numbers. I hope it ends well here as well as for you🤞
        God Save the King and the rest of the world! (I don’t think God is listening but that’s just my opinion 🫣)
        Power to the PEOPLE! ✊


      2. Glad to hear the turnout’s improved. Definitely need everyone to vote (and for the vote to be honoured 😉). Things are difficult everywhere, but it’d be nice if the government was more on the side of ordinary working folk and not just the corporations & oligarchs who make big donations.
        Stay optimistic & safe! We can do this! (Meanwhile I’ll make my vote, talk to people and write a few poems…😬) ❤️

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