status update XLI

A chilly welcome to the land of Mogg / mists and mellow fruitfulness, poisonous fog / where you keep your head down and work like a dog / for off-book, outsourced, zero hours Mcflog / while the corporate hogs and political partners / piss through rights and public charters / legal non-starters / protest martyrs / laughing at the news from yachts in harbours

Remember when you clapped for carers / turns out you were only there to scare us / politically prepare us / to be smacked down and beaten / as the crisis deepened / profits skimmed and services cheapened / offshore gold stores nicely sweetened / the magic money tree’s in the Garden of Eton

So – the gingerbread man caught a ride with the fox / but the deal was dodgy and they hit the rocks / in a real-life, wildlife, snack-attack shock / but hey – what did ginger really expect? / so much effort to such little effect / run a little faster, be more select / trust a biscuit to trust a fox / ferry you across? / when you’re mostly fondant and your buttons are boss?

Say hello to bitcoin Barbie! / barbecue stylie / heart of plastic, smile like kylie / hyper-aware / thousand yard stare / 1.5 million followers out there / drives a Ferrari / drinks Bacardi / happy as a cop at a taser party

skip with me…

hey nonny nowhere, Jimmy can’t wait
the full moon’s rising, the hour’s late
there’s a wolf in the garden, a butcher at the gate
there’s a doctor at the door with a big covered plate
giving you a grin
drawing a syringe
his collar’s turned up

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