the truth is out there

Paul is watching ‘Ancient Aliens’
how they like to play with homo sapiens
sucking them off to probe on ships
funnelling green food, putting up drips
wrapping in cling film, gooing all over
dumping them years gone back on the sofa

‘Interesting’ he says to me
pointing a yellow finger at the TV
‘It makes you think, it goes to show
there’s more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..’
then tells me what’s been happening
morphine sulphate, heroin

There’s a tsunami of crap throughout the flat
bottles n’bin bags, stuff like that
his crack friend Trevor carelessly thrown
on top of it all like a junkie gnome
and in the only clear space going
a Flymo for occasional indoor mowing

‘The evidence is clear’ says the guy in the show
‘Thousands of cases of abduction, ya know?
Why would there be such correlation
from abductees across the nation
if what they were saying was all made up?
It’s time for governments to finally wake up!’

Paul just grunts and rolls a fag
from the greasy strands in his smoko bag
half on his lap, half in his beard
(Trevor seems to have gone, which is weird)
‘I tend to think this is shit, on the whole
I’d turn it over but we lost the control’

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