a truly heroic shop

(In which Jason stops off at Sainsbury’s to get a few things on his way home)

I suffer’d many trials
sailing through miles
of meat and dairy chiller isles
the clashing rocks
of cheap baked beans and trainer socks
ginger snaps and wonder mops
towering cliffs of country soups
spartan crackers, spaghetti hoops
What use have I for these
Oh Zeus?
I am not so useless as Ulysses
I am Jason
whacked off my nut on travel medication
fleeced, half-asleep
dreaming on the Argo
while my precious cargo
of ripe n’ready avocados
chestnut mushrooms & plum tomatoes
mouthwash, bin bags
Lemnos lemons in cute string bags
boozes for boozing
on Thy debit card cruising
almost losing
the entire wire ship
at the harpy cries of special offer dips
pretzels, breadsticks, half-fat crisps
till the tiller from my fingers slips
and I find myself aground
helplessly looking round
in the self-serve environs
of the screen-bright sirens
who bleep and scan and sing to me
supermarket seductively
till I swipe my card to cover the amount
and wait five days for the vouchers to print out

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