probably best not push it

well – good!
so there IS a god
which being an atheist I find quite odd
but happily
She covers my faux pas tactfully
fundamentally matter-of-factly
in many ways actually
for a deity
She’s pretty understanding
doesn’t go in for growling and grandstanding
all that severely bearded fierceness
all that begat this and that weirdness
all that mad muscular masculine business
no – She’s better than that
She’s great with horses, ferns, cats
plate tectonics, stuff like that
knows a river delta from a bedding plane
the ins and outs of a semi-permeable membrane
a cos lettuce from a romaine
a cell phone from cellophane
I mean pretty much generally
you’d have to say academically
She’s highly advanced
happy to give things a second chance
although humans
I’m assuming
are pushing it
there’s only so much She can do to cushion it
before She sighs, shrugs, flushes the tubes
pulls another Chicxulub
(the crater’s there though you’d hardly know it
still – it capped things off in the Cenozoic)

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