status update XXVIII

I’m Wilsaaaaaahn out in the wild sea drifting / slowly turning, rolling, lifting / smeary smile & bloody shanks / finally away from beardy Hanks / just me, the sky & the sea birds, thanks

And that’s me, scrawling in the sand with a stick / bawling when the sea creeps over it / wiping it slick / but at least the whole thing’s over quick / because time and tide wait for no one / from Donald J Trump to Frosty the Snowman / when it’s gone, it’s gone / there’s nothing to be done / the earth still rolling round the sun / Mars – corner pocket – in off the red / let’s put this cosmic dance to bed / this paper chain of teeth n’bones / remote controls & mobile phones / tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow / providence in the fall of a sparrow / Shakespeare had the whole thing sussed / basically life’s a busted flush / in fire we trust / I’ll dance on the beach, you pray if you must

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